Building a business from scratch

There is nothing more satisfying than building a business with nothing but an idea on a piece of paper. Forming the concepts, laying out the plans and designing the business framework, products, service, colour schemes and creating your vision of success for the future.

So in the process of starting a business from scratch, there are always limits on the resources that you have available to get something off the ground and into a viable and functional operation. It takes commitment and dedication to stay focused on the ultimate goal of where the business will be able to flow and grow organically.

3 things are vital when starting a business from scratch:-

1) Stay Focused:- It is easy to get distracted with so much that has to get done in such a short time, and there are so many tasks that are important to get sorted before you can feel that the business is anything but an empty shell. Everything has to be done in a specific order, and yet there are successful people who can pull it off doing everything back to front. Selling the dream before they even have a working prototype is an example of building a business backwards (some might think).

2) Watch the resources:- Keep an eye on the resources you may use along the way. Take note of how much money is spent on each area, and have a limit in mind when organising or spending money on the essential items such as marketing, capital outlay and staffing costs

3) Generate Income quickly:- Find a way to get the money flowing in as quickly as possible. As long as your business is designed to turn a profit, it is important to get the sales happening quickly. Keeping a business closed or holding back the launch can ultimately eat through the funds before returning income to the coffers. The sooner you can open and begin trading, the quicker the business will provide a sustainable flow of income to you.

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy watching your ideas come to life

Julie Richman

Effective Solutions in Business

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