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Effective Communication Workshop

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

During the 1 day Intensive "Effective Communication" Program, we build upon the foundations of respectful listening, understanding non-negotiables and to set clear boundaries, and apply the use of 10 x 100% secret to love that can resolve unnecessary conflict between couples in business together.

Couple Cooking

The Workshop covers the following important areas:

Communication Fundamentals :- 


Everyone knows that communication is important in business and relationships. We will discuss ways of communicating more effectively (including effective listening!). What this means for you and your partner is a more efficient operation of your business, deeper connection with each other, and ultimately a relationship that gives you more pleasure and enjoyment together.  


Conflict Resolution :-


Let's face the truth, nobody likes conflict. 

What if you could learn the skills to effectively identify, neutralise and resolve conflict around your business?

Imagine your business without all the drama on a

day to day basis?  

How much easier and happier would your

relationships be?

The Power of 10 x100% Focus 
(The secret to LOVE) :-


  Our lives are so busy, we often neglect the things that are most important to us.   You will learn the powerful secret to keeping passion and romance alive in your personal relationship. This knowledge will benefit you both despite the distractions, stresses and challenges that business throws in your path. 

Male / Female Priorities :-
Okay, Men and Women are different....

There, I said it. 


We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and some of those are unavoidably biologically ingrained. Being able to recognise and embrace these relationship roles in your business, family and personal lives will help take your business to the next level.

Concise Communication: -

Most of our conflicts come through a mis-alignment  of what we want to hear and what we actually hear. 

We can often mis-interpret signals from our partner, or fall into " Classic Motion" patterns of communication, and often not understanding how to set boundaries or recognise the need to just "Vent". 

Take your relationship to a whole new level of respect and openness with skills designed to engage and connect couples deeply and passionately.

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