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Weathering the Storm

Don't you love how two people in a relationship seem to have opposite qualities. This is both fantastic and frustrating.

I am the stress-head and constant motivator of the two of us, whereas my husband is the calming, relaxed balance to our relationship.

Don't get me wrong, there are necessary places for both our roles and perspectives in the business. Neither one of us is better than the other, nor is one right and the other wrong, we are just different.

I am the driving force, continually pushing, challenging and demanding for the completion of jobs, correct paperwork and prompt service excellence that I want our business to represent.

Hubby is somewhat different, friendly, charming, chatty and chilled. He gets there when he gets there, and there is no rushing around like a mad chicken. My husband has a way about him that once he arrives, everyone seems to relax and have fun. Me on the other hand, is stirring up a tornado just to arrive on time.

The point is, that the business needs BOTH of us. My driving influence, making sure everything is completed accurately, paperwork submitted on time, systems and processes followed to the letter to ensure that the business ticks like clockwork. My husband is the friendly face, the one that brightens the most aggressive customer and turns them into loyal and life-long raving fans.

One thing that both my husband and I recognise in our business and in each other, is that we NEED each other's skills and contributions for the business to survive. I need his charm and compassion to smooth over all the customers and bring them into our care. He needs me to crack the whip and keep him moving to the next job or task at hand.

Because we recognise this complimentary gifts from each other, it makes our lives easier at home. I can come home and tell him what a wonderful husband he is, and I thank him every day for his contribution to the success of our business. While he may not say the exact same words, or respond directly at the moment as an automatic motion of exchange, my husband explains very openly and candidly, that he could not do this without my help.

Together we face all manner of hardship, ups and downs, rewards or ruin together. Our business is just that, it is OURS. Not his business or my business, it belongs to the both of us and we both are needed for its success.

When couples in business realise the power that is harnessed between two shoulders, then the load is much easier to carry. I remind myself every day, we are not fighting each other in the business, it is us against the world, together we stand and weather any storm that comes our way.

Acknowledging each other's contributions is the best way to create respect for each other. This also reduces the arguments within the business and the relationship as we face the world together.

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