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Dynamic Duos in Business

Helping Couples navigate the challenges of living, loving and working together

Working with your significant other brings challenges that are unique, complex and infinitely more impactful when it comes to building a future.

Facing challenges together can mean the difference between thriving, surviving or crying when it all falls apart.

Dynamic Duos was born from these challenges and a new platform

has been formed to ensure that couples thrive in their relationship

and their business

The story behind the book

My first business and marriage failure almost killed me. I was left emotionally exhausted,  mentally burnt-out and financially destitute.  I knew there had to be a much easier way to live, and so went about searching for the answer.

In fact, most couples going into business, don't realise the immense stress that business places on the relationship until it's too late.  Business is so much easier when Couples work together.  Many Couples in Business strive for success, they become consumed by the business and somehow lose the passion and intimacy for each other along the way.

Meet The Author

Julie Richman is an accomplished and experienced small business owner / operator with a Degree in Business and Commerce majoring in Marketing and Management to support her extensive life experience.  Julie also has a Diploma in Entrepreneurial Management to assist start-up businesses and concept-phase ideas.  Having developed mental wellness strategies throughout her consulting career, she has adapted to work with Couples in business helping them navigate the challenges of Living, Loving and Working together.

Julie is Co-Founder and Practice Manager at Crestpoint Psychology & Wellbeing Centre, bringing her philosophy on simplifying life to individuals seeking happier and easier ways to live and provides practical real life experience to the tools and strategies that resolve issues and challenges for people within 15 minutes or less.   She has build a podcast, video platform and group training sessions to empower people to fulfill their life.

Offering Personal Development Results and key business information along with powerful examples, tools and strategies, Julie is available to Groups, Private Enterprise, Small Businesses and relevant SME Associations, as well as Government and Non-Government organizations for key note presentations, business training workshops and educational seminars.

Julie Richman is versatile enough to present on almost any topic related to business with a keen focus on the applicable strategies that underpin great business decision-making.  For many years Julie has supported business owners in the Solomon Islands, New Zealand and throughout Australia, with great advice that is easy to apply in any business situation bringing measurable results across any industry.

More Information

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