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Helping couples navigate the challenges of living loving and working together

Webinars are hosted regularly to assist and support Tradies and their wives to help with effective communication strategies, as well as tools to increase the passion and romance.  Often the business will bulldoze its way through our personal lives, so it helps with understanding ways to reduce stress, increase connection and provide clarity for you both.

Webinars are great learning tools

Sometimes the challenges we face within our relationship are made greater by the fact that we are in business together as well.  If you are challenged by something that is happening in the business and find that this bulldozes its way through your personal and romantic relationship, then it could be time to re-adjust, pause and take some information from a different perspective

Your Webinar Hosts

Julie Richman 111.jpg

Julie Richman

Founder & CEO

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Gavin Jackson

Business Development

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