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Foundations To Living

The Most Important Information you will ever need

We all know someone who is struggling with depression, stress or anxiety 

We may even have experienced that ourselves at some point.

To become successful, balanced and happier with every aspect of your

self, family, friends and people you are working with

5 Simple and Easy to apply tools / RULES OF THE GAME

It is as easy as understanding  -  GRAVITY

You don't YELL at the ground if you drop a cup and it smashes, do you?

Well what if there are simple rules like that , which NO ONE taught you?

Law of balance always applies.jpg


Every Human Being needs only 2 things in life

1)   Be HAPPY

2)  Learn and Grow

Ultimately, Everyone seeks to be HAPPY


Happiness will represent different things to different people at different times. But it ALL comes back to the one goal in life.  

If we are not happy, generally there is something we need to learn..   once we learn the lesson of whatever we are struggling with, then we can move forward,  we don't need to keep repeating the same  mistakes.   This makes us happy, and the cycle continues as we learn and grow throughout our lives.

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Law of balance always applies.jpg


The Law of Balance

Always Applies

We are all emotional people, and when our emotions are triggered, we have no control over what comes up.  This means we often get out of balance. 

Just like Gravity, the Law of Balance exists, whether we choose to recognise it or not.

So, the greater the force that I pull in one direction,

Someone or something has to pull equal and OPPOSITE to maintain balance.

If I am out of balance emotionally, someone else has to take an opposite emotion to regain that equilibrium.

This is everywhere and the more we understand, then the easier it will be.


I know if this is MY issue, because I am the one that is emotionally responding.   We can all disarm our triggers in 15 minutes or less when we understand this concept


We ALL have a different view of the Intersection

Neither person is RIGHT or WRONG

We all see things from a different perspective

While we may think we know and apply this rule, we often overlook the fact that any thought or feeling that the other person is wrong or missing the point, means we are judging our own opinions as more valuable than theirs.   This will innately cause disagreement, lack of compassion or lack of understanding as to why people hurt us, do something other than what we would want them to do and it impacts the way we communicate with each other.  Resentment can undermine our relationships with loved ones. 

Practicing respectful listening and validating another persons journey and choices can help overcome our rigid thinking that our way is the best or only way to learn and grow or be happy.

We all have a different view of the intersection.jpg
Everyone has a box of springs.jpg


We ALL have a Box of Springs

Most of us call it "BAGGAGE"

The only way to get rid of it is to

let your hand OFF the lid...

By the time you reach, 30, 40 or if you are really strong, 50 years of age, you have collected your fair share of emotional baggage.  Issues, challenges, problems, hurts, lies and mistrusts.  These are all springs in your box.  The pressure is mounting and by the time you realise it, you are sitting on top of the box, hoping to hell you can hold it all together.....  Guess what,   The pressure will only get worse.    How do you fix that??   Well.   You need to let your hand off the box.   Oh dear.......

Thousands of springs will eject from the box, but 2 good things will happen.


2)   You get to choose which springs you want to keep and what you want to throw away.

You may keep your dog, but throw away your partner.  You may lkeep your son, but throw away his girlfriends mother.  Keep dear what is precious to you. 


What you focus on


It is based in Science and demonstrated in life.   Some know it as Reticular Activated Memory, others know it as the Law of Attraction.  But this is as fundamental as Gravity.   As we said at the beginning,  every Foundations To Living Rule is as real as the ground you walk upon. 

If you see negatives in your partner,  friend or the world around you,  guess what you are going to see more of?    Yep,  Negatives

If you are in depression and the world around you looks bleak, there is a reason that your counsellor, psychologist or mental health professional gets you to write a Gratitude Journal, for the sole purpose of shifting your focus to see the world as more Positive than Negative.

If you have read this far and enjoyed this little piece of information, then we have so much more to share to get your life back on track. 

Call us for a FREE chat, and watch our videos.

If you or someone you know needs URGENT mental health assistance please call LIFELINE  13 11 14

If it is an emergency and someone's life is at risk,

CALL       000 (AUS) 

CALL       111  (NZ)

CALL       911 (USA)

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