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Hi, my name is Julie Richman

I am the author of Dynamic Duos in Business, and have been consulting to Family Owned Business for nearly 20 years.   I am passionate around men's mental health and wellness as well as helping Tradies and their Wives to build a wonderful future together

"When couples put their hearts and minds together in a business, they can achieve amazing things!"
Julie Richman - Founder
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Our Business Specialist Team
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Julie Richman

Julie Richman is the driving force behind Effective Solutions in Business. As the company's founder, Julie thrives on providing the effective tools needed to deliver a successful strategy for business within any industry.Julie started her first business at 24 years of age and continues to enjoy sharing her practical knowledge gained from developing and managing several successful small businesses and franchises over the years.


After completing a Bachelor of Business & Commerce degree majoring in Marketing and Management, Julie has been able to combine her formal education, expert knowledge and practical experience to provide simple and effective solutions for companies. 


Julie has guided numerous companies to success within a variety of industries including natural therapies, finance, manufacturing, trades and sales, many with an annual turnover of millions of dollars.

Julie has been supporting small business owners and Company Directors for over 20 years. These include small and large corporations, franchises, start-ups and sole traders.


Julie and her team will take the time to understand you and your company and tailor a strategy specifically designed to support and grow your enterprise.


"I thrive on motivating Couples in Business to make the necessary changes to grow their business and ignite their enthusiasm for success once again."


Julie Richman


David Tresch

David Tresch brings a wealth of experience to his role as Business Mentor & Consultant at Effective Solutions in Business.  As a certified Trainer, Business Consultant and Mentor, David is a natural leader with a positive approach to all aspects of business.


After 20 years in the Hospitality and Training industry, David now applies his knowledge and experience by working alongside small and large corporations. His expertise can provide a company with the support to resolve any challenges and generate successful and measurable outcomes.


After time spent teaching and training at the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, David was invited to join one of Australia's fastest growing franchises as Head of the Business Development team.Within this organisation he was integral in the opening of over 80 stores and in developing systems and resources that are still in use today.


Along with his colourful and approachable attitude towards business, David provides support and experience where problems are simply challenges to be overcome as quickly and economically as possible.


A devoted family man, David understands the importance of family and works diligently with clients to find a balance that allows a wholesome outlook on life and success in business.


Time with David and the team at Effective Solutions in Business is an investment in your company and yourself.

"Your success is our success."    David Tresch

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