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Small Business Spring Cleaning

While we often think of spring cleaning our homes, we can also take this opportunity to do this for our business as well.

Spring Clean

Part of the dreariness we feel can be purely because our lives lack variety, excitement and a little bit of a refreshing change. Small business owners can direct new life into their business by applying the same concept of spring cleaning, in their workplace.

So where can we apply the 'Spring Cleaning' wand around our business?

There are several areas that we can begin the clean up. It could be a physical thing, such as clearing out old files, or maybe a mental attitude which we can renew, with some different ways of thinking and approaching our everyday tasks.

The environment we work in can be a great place to start our 'Spring Clean', and here are some quick ideas that can help lift the mood and brighten the workplace:


  • Clear your desk of unnecessary paperwork

  • Filing and Organising drawers

  • Purchase new supplies if needed

  • Securely store cables, electrical cords, and other items away from walkways

  • Bring in some plants

  • Clear out your email inbox

  • Check and organise your space from any OH&S Hazards

  • Hire a cleaner for the day to dust, vacuum and clean windows / areas that normally don't get attention

  • Declutter and throw out unwanted rubbish or unused items that are cluttering the space you are trying to work in


Like the lifeblood of your business, the flow should be seamless. Take a moment to consider some of these things that could do with a little of that 'Spring Cleaning' magic:

  • Update your Job Descriptions, Organisational Chart, Roles and Responsibilities

  • Update your current business Policies and Procedures

  • Engage an automated Back-up system for your digital files

  • Stop doing things that you feel are a waste of time and are non-essential to the business function

  • Upgrade your workplace technology that supports your business

  • Put new systems into practice that can increase your efficiency

  • Get rid of redundant processes or time consuming activities that are non-productive


Having Goals gives everyone something to strive for. It gives us hope and encouragement to take the steps towards being better. It is always great to remember that whenever writing goals, they have to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) business goals.

  1. Set a new Marketing Plan

  2. Review your Website and Social Media

  3. Review and update your Business Plan

  4. Update your Company's Mission Statement and Vision Statement

  5. Clean up your customer database - discard out of date information / contacts

  6. Set some new Business Targets for the coming 12 months

  7. Find a new and innovative way to motivate your staff

  8. Implement a Reward and Recognition system within your business (e.g. Employee of the Month)

  9. Put your Goals and Objectives on a colourful chart so that everyone can see them

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a clean and tidy office. It presents more professional to clients, as well as boosting morale within the workplace. Having a great looking and neatly organised office increases our enjoyment factor within our own business and we can take pride in knowing that we have achieved a great level of success, just by giving the once over during a 'Spring Clean'.

Put your best foot forward in business, and even if the 'Spring Clean' is not an annual event in your business, it is still a great opportunity to find ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency within your business.

For more information on Business Strategies, contact our business consultant to arrange a free Business Health Check or email us at or call Julie on 0409 527 647.

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