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Effective Solutions in Business provides an intuitive, skilled and objective review of your business operations, fundamental characteristics and discovers the catalyst to success for you, then customizes the tools and strategies to ensure your business success.

We are a dedicated team whose goal is to help people achieve great things in life. We build commitment and relationship with our clients. We aim on delivering excellent customer service for our clients and support your business as you implement it.

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What we do

We provide couples in business together with tools and strategies, to support their business and relationship.  We understand the core business practices and principles from which the tools are designed. This will not only improve their business success but also their family, relationship and lifestyle.


We have designed workshops for couples in business together so they can create strong work relationships and a healthier personal life.

We are here to bring couples in business closer, so they can build their future together using the tools and support from our workshops and training programs, and create the ultimate enhanced lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

About Us

Effective Solutions in Business provides support, guidance and knowledge and excellent resources to achieve your goal. Our aim is to create partnerships and help married couple in business together who feel attached in their work to build a freedom lifestyle and to succeed with their business as well as their married life. Effective Solutions in Business will guide you build the life you want whether it may be personal, professional or both. We do our best to solve complex problems, to find solutions in every aspect of your marriage and business.


"Julie was able to help me break down the operational issues within my business and come up with a workable doable plan. 
My stress is gone as I now have a clear plan with plenty of support." 
Sandra Price, Paperwork Wizard
"Julie is one of the most clear-headed and strategic thinkers I know. Whatever the question or situation, she manages to come up with the right solution, every time. I would not make many business decisions without involving her. A lovely person to deal with on top of all that."
Doug Disher, CEO at Doug Disher Real Estate
"I can recommend Julie for business growth strategies. I have seen the results of her work with a recent mutual client and I was impressed with the professionalism Julie brings."
David Shire, Business Transformation & Growth Specialist

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